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◆Brand-new designed microcomputer temperature control system of world advanced control technology. High accuracy of temperature control (optimum: ± 0.05°C), high reliability and anti-interference.
◆Control and operating parameters (including for detectors) set up by the keyboard. Self-diagnosis system, power-fail protection, file storage and call, limited temperature setting. Accurate display of setting and actual value of temperature control of each path, bridge current of TCD, sensitivity of FID, retention and analysis time.
◆Four paths of independent control sections: column oven, sample injector, detector and thermal conductive pond.
◆5-ramp programmed temperature rising control. Auto-drop of temperature of column oven (auto-opening the door behind the oven) to a fast cooling.
◆Dual FID provided with options of GC112 A-TCD, GC112A-ECD, GC 112 A-FPD and GC112A-NPD, gas sampling valve, transformation oven, absorber and pyrolysis absorber available for selection. Two detectors can be installed at the same time with high sensitivity. Short time to be stabilized and easy to clean and install nozzle.
◆Packed column and capillary column (0.53 large diameter or small diameter) can be installed easily including a complete set of split sampling connector and tailing connector to be installed free of charge. Optional 0.53mm large diameter capillary direct sampler is available for choice.
◆Analysis can be conducted in packed or capillary column with multiple sampling methods.
◆Packed column: on-column sampling, instantaneous vaporized sampling and gas sampling.
◆Capillary column: split sampling and 0.53mm large diameter capillary direct sampling.
◆Construction of dual gas path, dual sample injector and dual packed column system can effectively avoid baseline undulation and drift in real time and facilitate programmed temperature rising analysis. Accurate and scaled type gas path control valves will provide a high repeatability and stability.
◆Advanced functions: auto ON/OFF temperature control system, permanent data storage, file storage and call and over-temperature protection.
◆Large volume column (300x280x270) can hold capillary column and dual packed column. Built-in heating filament structure is in favor of quartz capillary analysis.
◆A complete set of accessories including purifier, pressure-reducing valve, gas path tube, wrench and tools, injection needle and connectors of all kinds are provided free of charge and are ready to connect with supply-air system prepared by users.
Temperature control
Control range:7°C - 400°C above room temperature. (increment of 1°C)
Control objects:column oven, detector, thermal conductive pond and sample injector
Programmed temperature rising:5 ramps
Rate of programmed temperature rising:0.1°C -40°C (increment of 0.1°C)
Thermostatic time:0-655 min (increment of 1 min)
Sensitivity (minimum testability):M≤5´10-11 g/s (sample: C16)
Optimum testing result:M≤1´10-11 g/s
Noise:≤5´10-14 A
Drift:≤6´10-13 A/h
Linear range:≥106
Linear range:≥104
Optional accessories:
◆Software with I/O port
Overall dimension & weight:
Shipping package dimension:   850-680-750mm
Net Weight:    50kg
Gross Weight: 66kg


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