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Main Features

High sensitivity: based on high efficiency optical design and weak signal detection technology, the water Raman peak signal to noise ratio can be greater than 200 (P - P) to the leading domestic and international advanced level.

High scanning speed: the high speed digital signal processing unit provides the world's fastest scanning speed at 48000nm/min. Only 1 second to get classic fluorescence spectra, 1 minute to get high quality of three-dimensional fluorescence spectra.

Wide Spectral measurement range: using a double monochromator design, excitation and emission wavelength range covering 200 nm to 900 nm, meet the needs of most fluorescence analysis.

Excitation light path monitoring system: instrument is equipped with excitation light dual beam ratio monitoring system to ensure the fluorescence signal high and stable.

High quality assurance: using Hamamatsu’s high quality Xenon light source and photoelectric multiplier tube detectors and instruments to provide sufficient light intensity signal and the detection sensitivity.

Built-in optical gate: Built-in optical gate, designed for unstable sample.

Technical parameter

Excitation Source: 150W xenon lamp (Hamamatsu)

Excitation Wavelength: 200nm-900nm

Emission Wavelength: 200nm-900nm

Excitation Slit: F97XP/F97Pro: 2nm, 5nm, 10nm, 20nm, F97: 10nm

Emission Slit: F97XP/F97Pro: 2nm, 5nm, 10nm, 20nm, F97: 10nm

Wavelength Accuracy: F97XP: ±0.4nm, F97/ProF97: ±1.0nm

Wavelength Repeatability: F97XP: ≤0.2nm, F97/F97Pro:  ≤0.5nm

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: F97XP: Raman peak of water (P-P): S/N≥200 (10nm Slit), F97/F97Pro: Raman peak of water ( P-P) : S/N≥150 ( 10nm Slit)

Limit: F97XP: ≤5×10-11 g/ml ( Quinine Sulfate Solution), F97/F97Pro: ≤1×10-10 g/ml ( Quinine Sulfate Solution)

Linearity: γ≥0.995

Peak Repeatability:  ≤1.5%

Stability (10min): Zero Drift: ±0.3

Value Limit: ±1.5%

Wavelength Scan Speed: Multi-speed Level, Maximum at 48000nm/min

Photometric Quantity Range: 0.00-10000.00

Data Transportation: USB2.0

Power: 200W

Power Source: AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz

Instrument Dimension: 380×445×310 (mm)

Weight: Net Weight: 12kg. Gross Weight: 14kg

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