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It is suitable for environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture & livestock, aquatic products of scientific research, colleges and other production departments. It is special thermostatic equipment for water analysis and BOD determination, bacteria, mould, microbial culture, preservation, plant cultivation, breeding experiments


1. Adopted with mirror stainless steel liner, and semicircular arc all around, it is easy to clean, and the spacing of the shelves in the chamber is adjustable.

2. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, with setting, measuring temperature double digital display and PID self-tuning function, temperature control is accurate and reliable. It can be equipped with timing function.

3. Adopted with double-door structure, good thermal insulation performance. The internal door adopts a fully tempered glass, when open the outer door to observe the condition inside the chamber, it does not affect the temperature inside the chamber.

4. Modular refrigeration device, equipped with delay start, with high and low pressure multiple protections.

5. Adopt with environmentally friendly refrigerants, which are efficient, energy-saving and promote emission reduction.

6. The model with Y is programmable LCD touch screen controller, which can be set with 30-segment program control; multiple parameters can be displayed in one screen, and can be set into multiple sets of process curves.

7. Built-in user-friendly help menu bar, can guide the first-time use of operator to quickly grasp the various functions.

8. It can be equipped with embedded printer or RS-485 communication interface. (Option)

9. SMS (short message) monitoring alarm system can be optional. The device's health can be monitored in real time via a mobile phone. (Option)

10. 220V socket can be installed in the work chamber for BOD measurement. (Option)

Technical specifications: 

Performance parameter test under no-load conditions: ambient temperature 20, ambient humidity 50% RH


China drug testing instrument
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