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It widely used for colleges and universities, medicine, biological research departments as storage of bacteria species, biological culture; it is necessary equipment for scientific research laboratories. 


1. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, with setting, measuring temperature double digital display and PID self-tuning function, temperature control is accurate and reliable, it can be with timing function, the maximum time setting value is 9999 minutes.

2. Adopted with double-door structure, low temperature fluctuation. The internal door adopts a fully tempered glass, when open the outer door to observe the condition inside the chamber, it does not affect the temperature inside the chamber.

3. The working chamber use mirror stainless steel and the arc half roundish are easy to clean.

4. With an over-temperature alarm system to ensure the safe operation of the equipment without accidents.

5. The GNP model is a water jacket type heating method, which has the advantages of uniform temperature and long-term constant temperature after power failure.

6. It can be equipped with embedded printer or RS-485 interface, used to connect to a printer or computer, to facilitate the recording of temperature parameters changes. (Option)

7. Programmable LCD touch screen controller, can set multi-stage program control, a variety of parameters one-screen display, simple operation, program editing is convenient. (Option)

8. It can add SMS (short message) monitoring alarm system. When the user is not at the site and the equipment fails, the system collects the fault signal in time and sends it to the designated receiver's mobile phone through the SMS to ensure timely troubleshooting and recovery test to avoid accidental loss. (Option)


The performance test is under no-loading condition, ambient temperature at 20%, ambient humidity at 50% RH


China drug testing instrument
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