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Applicable range

It is used for pharmaceutical companies, scientific research, testing department for the accelerated test, long-term test, high temperature test, high humidity test, and strong light exposure tests of drugs and new drugs. It is essential equipment for the above industries. The purpose of the test is to provide a scientific basis for the production, packaging, storage and transportation conditions of the drug, and to establish a limited period of the drug through the test.


1. Adopted with stainless steel working chamber, quadrangle circular arc structure, easy to be cleaned.

2. Two sets of imported with original packaging compressor units are automatically switched to ensure reliable long time continuous running.

3. Programmable temperature and humidity controller with setting, measuring temperature and humidity double digital display and PID self-tuning function, the control is accurate and reliable.

4. The air circulation system consists of a low-noise fan and a suitable air duct, and the airflow in the working chamber is evenly distributed.

5. There is a 25mm diameter test hole on the left side of the chamber for external test signal line.

6. The humidity control system formed by automatic humidity generator, preheating water tank and the humidity controller is safe and reliable, ensuring fast humidity, high precision and small fluctuation.

7. Built-in stainless steel water tank filled with water can run continuously for 3 days.

8. Over-temperature alarm system, sound and light alarm prompts the operator to ensure safe operation without accidents.

9. Stainless steel spare water tank, which can be continuously operated for 12 days after filling with water. (Option)

10. Optional UV sterilizing lamp, can periodically disinfect the inside of the chamber, thus effectively preventing contamination during drug testing. (Option)

11. Optional LED illuminator can be used for glare illumination test, which reduces the illuminance attenuation and test error caused by the aging of the lamp tube. (Option)

12. Embedded printer, can print the temperature of different time, easy to query temperature control. (Option)

13. Programmable temperature and humidity touch screen controller (Option)  



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