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RCZ-6N intelligent medicine dissolution tester adopts international advanced design concepts and manufacturing technologies. It has a smooth and beautiful appearance, a compact and stable structure, it has the characteristics of "accurate speed", "stable operation", and "low energy consumption". This product is widely used in pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical research, teaching and research and drug inspection departments.


It fully complies with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 Edition

Built-in user right management, audit trail, and data management system.

Higher precision integrated circuit design to ensure measurement accuracy.

High-definition touch screen, user-friendly operation interface and method.

More convenient waterway system.

6 basket or paddle rods can be installed (Teflon coating can be optional), 6 pieces of 185mm high-precision dissolution cups and 2 pieces of 150ml liquid replace cups can be placed.

Sample information management, no need to repeat setting frequently.

High-precision real-time constant temperature control, fast temperature rise, small temperature drift, with over-temperature protection and temperature calibration functions.

More accurate speed, stable operation, low energy consumption and high reliability.

With fault self-diagnosis function; test data can be exported and printed by USB.

Optional accessory for small cup method (used on the third method of dissolution measurement).

Product model


Stirring paddle swing amplitude


Basket swing range


Deviation between rotating rod and vessel axis


Speed setting range

10-300 rpm/min

Turn around


Steady speed error

≤±1 rpm/min

Temperature range

Room temperature ~ 45.0°C

Temperature resolution


Temperature control accuracy


Sampling points


Sampling count down time

999 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds

Number of paddles and baskets

6pcs for each

Number of baskets


High precision dissolution cup specifications

Height 185mm, volume 1000ml

High-precision vessel number


Power supply

AC220V±10%,   50Hz


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