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It can be used to measure the dynamical viscosity and structural viscosity of mineral oil, lubrication oil, adhesives, paints, dyestuff and printing inks, etc.

It can tests hardness, friability, dissolution and disintegration of pharmaceutical tablet.

It can tests hardness, friability, dissolution and disintegration of pharmaceutical tablet.

The CJY-300D tablet friability tester is a test instrument for controlling the stability of a drug-uncoated tablet. It has two transparent plexiglass drums, at a constant rotary speed of 25rpm, the alarm will automatically stop at 100rpm

The rotary speed can be adjusted and the number of turns can be set

The tablet friability hardness tester can measuring tablet hardness and friability drugs in one machine.

Measuring range: Hardness: 10-200N, maximum diameter of tablets: 25mm.

Measuring range: Hardness: 10-300N, maximum diameter of tablets: 25mm

It is a special instrument for measuring the hardness of tablet drugs. Built-in user management, data management system, and long-term storage of test data.

The volume of flat bottom beaker: 50-250ml. The range of temperature control: 32-40degree. The range of stirring speed adjustment 100-1000rpm

12 baskets or paddles can be installed. Can be installed with 12pcs 1000L high precision cups.

Can be installed 8 blue lever or paddle lever. Can install 8 dissolution cups. Sampling needle with automatic lifting function

6 baskets or paddles can be installed. Six 185mm high-precision dissolution cups and five refill cups can be installed.

Can install one paddle and basket. Can install one 1000L cup. With self-test function and automatic protection function, it gives multiple fault signals.

This disintegration tester is a special test instrument for controlling the quality of solid preparation drugs. It is suitable for testing time limit of disintegration solid preparations such as tablets, sugar coated tablets, film coated tablet

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