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Exciting optical filters: Interference optical filter (10nm bandwidth) central wavelength 365nm. Optional central wavelength: 365nm, 405nm, 465nm, 515nm. The wavelength of Exciting optical filter can be selected within 360-600nm

It is applicable to such test as drying, cure melt, sterilize in industrial and mining enterprises as well as in laboratory and scientific research institute.

6 basket or paddle rods can be installed (Teflon coating can be optional), 6 pieces of 185mm high-precision dissolution cups and 2 pieces of 150ml liquid replace cups can be placed.

Light source: Hamamatsu 150W Xenon lamp.Exciting optical filters: Interference optical filter.Standard set is equipped with an interference optical filter of central wavelength at 365nm and 10nm bandwidth.

It widely used for colleges and universities, medicine, biological research departments as storage of bacteria species, biological culture; it is necessary equipment for scientific research laboratories.

Excitation Source: 150W xenon lamp (Hamamatsu). Excitation Wavelength: 200nm-900nm. Emission Wavelength: 200nm-900nm

It is special thermostatic equipment for water analysis and BOD determination, bacteria, mould, microbial culture, preservation, plant cultivation, breeding experiments.

The F98 fluorescence spectrophotometer is designed for high performance, with high signal to noise ratio, ultra-high scanning speed, ultra-high resolution, ultra-high wavelength accuracy and a variety of accessories.


The chamber of the blasting oven is made of high quality steel plate or mirror stainless steel plate, the shell is sprayed with plastic, double tempered glass observation window, beautiful shape, safe and convenient to use.

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