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Split beam optical system. Automatic wavelength settings. 8 inch Color touch-screen LCD. Automatic 8 position cuvette holder. Automatic zero and full scale adjustment

Measuring range: Hardness: 2-199.9N, maximum diameter of tablets: 20mm.

This double beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer applies a new optical bench, with 5-speed adjustable bandwidth (9 only), ARM chip control and data processing, 8-inch color touch-screen which displays menu and spectral curve and can analyze spectrum test data

It is a special instrument for measuring the hardness of tablet drugs. Built-in user management, data management system, and long-term storage of test data.

Double blazed grating with high energy. USB interface. Range of wave number: 4000-400cm-1

It is widely used in various temperature and humidity tests of pharmaceuticals, textiles, food processing, bioengineering products and other industrial products.

RC-12DS dissolution tester is used for detecting velocity and extent of pharmic dissolution from tablet, capsule etc in prescriptive menstruum.

Transmission NIR, mainly used for liquid samples qualitative and quantitative analysis, applies to gasoline, drinks, milk and other areas of nutrients, water chemistry and other physical properties of the rapid non-destructive analysis determination

It is used for pharmaceutical companies, scientific research, testing department for the accelerated test, long-term test, high temperature test, high humidity test, and strong light exposure tests of drugs and new drugs.

Can be installed 8 blue lever or paddle lever. Can install 8 dissolution cups. Sampling needle with automatic lifting function

China drug testing instrument
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